Vaasa 2022




Every driver must be part of a team. At a minimum the team consists of a driver and a team leader. Register your team using the registration button on the right side, so we can add you to the RaceWKND website, WhatsApp group and email distribution.

The driver must be a member of a boat club (in Finland a boat club under the SPV). Membership in the boat club is also recommended for the team leader and other team members. There are many options and benefits when belonging to a boat club , which is why a membership is in everyone’s interest.

In order to ensure safety, consistency, functionality and communication, each team must have the following elements in addition to the UIM rules and national regulations: team clothes, tent and contact person.


Each team needs a name and uniform team clothing. Uniform coloured t-shirts with a logo or team name are sufficient. The name of each team will appear on this website.

Team and driver pictures for this website will be taken during the first race of the season.


Every team must have their own tent with a minimum size of 3x3m.

To increase the safety in the pit every tent must be equipped with a fire alarm under the ceiling. In addition every tent must have a fire extinguisher in the front left corner (min. 2kg). In the event of fire the positions of the fire extinguishers are well known and the initial fire-fighting can be launched as quickly as possible.


Every team must have a contact person and provide at least the following contact information:

Name, Phone number, Email
WhatsApp (if different from phone)

The contact person is responsible for sharing information within with the team and ensuring, that all race instructions are followed by its team.


To be well prepared for the pre-race inspection, here is a list of equipment, that will be checked during pre-inspection. The list is not official and additional equipment might be part of the inspection.:


Guests are very welcome! To ensure smooth and safe competitions, guests must be instructed to behave in the pit area in such a way, that the teams’ activities are not disrupted and that they or others are not endangered. More detailed instructions are always provided for each competition in the advance programs.

So feel free to invite friends, acquaintances, neighbours, relatives and everyone else interested in powerboat racing to the events. Especially potential new drivers  should be asked to join, so they can experience the healthy competition atmosphere and the nice feeling of being part of the powerboat racing family.

The bigger the crowds the better the event!


Each team has the right to acquire sponsors freely. Sponsors are allowed unrestricted access to equipment, clothing, and team communications.

However, the teams must reserve visibility as required by the promoter according to the official UIM rules.

Advertising of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages over 22% is prohibited by the Finnish law.


After each competition an electronic survey is conducted to find points for development.

Of course, feedback can also be given directly to the National Authority or the promoter.


RaceWKND among other information shares images and results from competitions on their social media channels. Those images are free to use under the condition, that you mention the photographer and tag #racewknd.

We hope, that everyone involved in powerboat racing will come to our events with a positive attitude and help us to raise media visibility and level of this sport we all love. Along the way, there will certainly be failures and lessons learned, but by supporting each other we will evolve into an incredible journey. Only by working together we can move forward.