Johannes and Nuppu are the 2 main motors behind RaceWKND.

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Liquid Level Promotions

The development of circuit powerboat racing, and especially the Finnish Championship series, is one of SPV’s (Finnish sailing and powerboating federation) main projects for the future. The practical implementation is the responsibility of the promoter, Liquid Level Promotions, the Championship name is “RaceWKND”.

There has been a need for a “facelift” for this sport, with the aim of making it better known, closer and more interesting for current participants, the general public, as well as new potential enthusiasts and competitors. The new promoter is committed to developing circuit powerboat racing and other aspects, which largely consist of attracting new competitors and introducing the sport in an interesting way, as well as evolving and growing the racing events.

Achieving a successful outcome requires the joint effort and positive attitude of everyone. This applies to the federation, the promoter, the boat clubs as well as all the teams and competitors.

Applying for event participation

Competitors apply for event participation directly from the promoter via online registration - see section SCHEDULE).

The Promoter reserves the right to modifications of time and place provided in the advance program (=event invitation) as well as to accept or reject the applications. At the same time, an approved application also imposes an obligation on the applicant to participate at the event in accordance with the application.

“Passion for Powerboat Racing”

This slogan is the basis for the common goal of all to compete, develop and evolve in the field of circuit powerboat racing by acting with a professional and positive attitude for the benefit of the whole sport. In and around the pit area this is reflected in the appreciation of the competitors, the teams and everyone else involved. Let us encourage and support each other, offer help and dare to ask for it if necessary.



The long-term goal is to increase the media visibility of circuit powerboat racing and the number of participating drivers. The new venues are organized professionally, creating fast-paced and interesting events which attract the public.


The competitions are two-day events for competitors. Boat inspections will take part on Fridays, so that the competition can be conducted effectively. This way we can ensure that we stay on schedule. Officially, the race weekend starts with the registration of the driver on site and ends with the distribution of prizes, as well as a possible press conference.

The competitions contain four races in each class (GT10, GT15, GT30 and F4) — two races per day for each class, ie a total of 8 races per day. During the competition there will be a total of 16 races, free practices and time trials. In selected locations will be four e-foiling races in addition.