Milwaukee Tool is an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories and hand tools for professional users worldwide.

Since the company began in 1924, Milwaukee Tool has led the industry in both durability and performance. With an unwavering commitment to the trades, Milwaukee continues to lead with a focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions. Whether it is through their leadership in LITHIUM-ION technology, as seen in the M12™, M18™ & M28™ Systems, time-saving accessories or innovative hand tool products, Milwaukee is dedicated to delivering a steady stream of advanced solutions for the trades that offer increased productivity and unmatched durability.

To do this, Milwaukee takes the time to work side by side with real craftsman to understand the demands of a constantly changing workplace and how they can best deliver solutions that help the user work both faster and smarter. This user focus not only leads to solutions for real jobsite challenges, but fuels the disruptive innovation seen across all product lines.

Founded in 1985, TTI is a leading marketer, manufacturer and supplier of home improvement and floor care products, employing over 20,000 people worldwide. TTI’s global brand portfolio includes Ryobi®, Milwaukee® and AEG® power tools, Homelite® and Ryobi® outdoor power equipment and Dirt Devil® and VAX® floor care appliances.

Niemi-Korpi has been trading new and used trucks for nearly 30 years with over 5,000 satisfied customers and more than 10,000 vehicles sold. We offer ready-to-use vehicles. We customise and equip both new and used trucks to meet your needs. We provide lifters, demountable boxes and equipment, trailer sets, enclosed bodies, machine transport pallets, etc.

We are famous for fast service. We calculate same-day quotations quickly and are able to deliver in-stock vehicles in one or two days. Our sales and delivery area covers the whole of Finland. We offer our customers heavy truck maintenance services. We have our own maintenance staff in Pirkkala, and in Turku, Kokkola and Oulu we use our trusted contract partners.

Mercury Marine® has been making world-class outboards and sterndrives for more than 75 years. We started back in 1939 in a small machine shop in Wisconsin, and we’ve grown into the largest builder of marine propulsion systems in the world. Number one on the water. And we didn’t get there by sitting still. Ours is a long history of firsts and foremosts. A history of constant improvements, as we’ve set and reset the standards for reliable, trouble-free performance; superior power and torque; low emission; and low fuel consumption. And nobody has given boaters more more ways to propel their specific boats, activities, and pursuits reliably, comfortably, and efficiently across the water.

Our Mission: Fueled by our passion for the water and our customer’s boating experience, we provide the most reliable and intuitive propulsion solutions and are committed to be the best partner for our stakeholders.
Our Vision: Delighting customers by providing the best engine and propulsion solutions for the world’s most demanding environments.

TapahtumaTV Eveo is Finland’s first television network primarily focused on events and event related programs. Our passion lies in entertainment combined with lifelong learning. We strive to offer our viewers fun and engaging content while breaking the mould of traditional passive linear television.

Eveo was founded in 2022 by Rockway Oy – a company with sturdy roots deep in online media and broadcasting. You can find us at channel 17 or online at www.eveo.fi

Roland Elmäng founded the Aspen company in 1988 on the shore of lake Aspen, north of Gothenburg in Sweden. He had the idea to produce a better fuel for chainsaws when he read an article in the Swedish newspaper “Skogen” about the problems faced by forest workers exposed to exhaust fumes from chainsaws and brushcutters.
He realised there were fuel components that would work much better – both for people and machines. The introduction of alkylate resulted in dramatically improved working environment for the Swedish forestry workers.
To begin with, Aspen was only available as a premixed 2-stroke version “Aspen 2T”, but demand for a cleaner fuel for engines which didn’t require a fuel/oil mix meant that Aspen 4T was created.
These fuels are now marketed as Aspen 2 and Aspen 4, and over 400 million litres has been sold worldwide.
Aspen works in all countries with the same mission: To develop, market and distribute fuels with unique benefits, and which reduce the negative effects for people, machines and the environment. Focusing on all users of smaller engines, they want customers and partners to gain experience in their cooperation. Their method is characterised by care, simplicity, and continual development.

Finnlines has maintained a vital bridge to Continental Europe for Finnish exporters and importers for 75 years. During the past ten years, the Company has focused on developing business operations, renewed the fleet and invested in new efficient technology. Finnlines stands now as a frontrunner in the Baltic Sea.

Oy Finnlines Ltd was founded in 1947 for the purpose of managing the vessels and traffic of Merivienti Oy, a company owned by the Finnish forest industry and trade sector. Finnlines became an international shipping company, operating throughout the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay. For decades, Finnlines also sailed routes to the United States up until 1976.

Finnlines started to provide passenger services in 1962, when MS Hansa Express began sailing between Hanko, Gotland and Travemünde. In those days, passenger traffic was almost completely confined to the summer season. Nowadays Finnlines’ passenger-freight vessels provide services from Finland to Germany and via the Åland Islands to Sweden as well as from Sweden to Germany.

Over the years, the Company has introduced several “next generation” innovations, such as a new kind of gas turbine vessel Finnjet in the mid-1970s, the “jumbo” ro-ro vessel Arcturus in 1982, the new ro-pax vessels Finnstar, Finnmaid, Finnlady and Nordlink in 2006–2007, and last but not least the state-of-the-art ro-ro vessels Finnbreeze, Finnsea, Finnsky, Finnsun, Finntide and Finnwave in 2011–2012. In recent years, Finnlines has invested considerably in environmental technology and the fleet has undergone a large number of improvements: exhaust gas scrubber installations, propulsion upgrades and rebladings and silicone anti-fouling. All these measures improve ship efficiency and have a positive, long-lasting impact on the environment. In 2016, Finnlines’ ro-pax vessels underwent a thorough refurbishment in the public areas and now even better satisfy the passengers’ needs.

The new era began in 2005, when the Italian Grimaldi Group set foot in Finnlines. The Grimaldi Group has accumulated its shares and voting rights to 30.5 per cent by July 2006 and decisively increased its holding in the coming years. In August 2016, the Grimaldi Group completed the acquisition of Finnlines thus gaining control of 100 per cent of the Company and is now the sole owner.

With more than 170 weekly freight departures and 80 passenger departures, Finnlines today provides efficient shipping services – stronger than ever.

In 2006, Petri Hollmén, our CEO and founder, worked as Head of Marketing in a company that provided travel, accommodation and leisure services. In his work, Petri identified a crying need for an automated system for managing participant data and communication. Since there was no platform available with the perfect product fit, he decided to create one from scratch. In 2007, Lyyti was born.

Petri was quick to discover that there was a bigger demand for a service like Lyyti, and soon the company started making a name for itself and securing customers. Although Lyyti has its roots in travel, our clients today come from all kinds of industries. From the very beginning, customers have come first, and this is a rule we still live by every day. We base our continuous development work on the feedback we get, and up to 90% of all product development ideas have sprung from active Lyyti users.

When Lyyti was established, our initial goal was to create an easy-to-use service that saved time through automated event management. While these qualities are still important, our primary focus today is offering a service that proves the effectiveness of events. Through utilising efficient integrations as well as measuring and evaluating event data, our users can enhance participant experience and consequently develop their event activities, making sure that events are enjoyable and beneficial for all.

Our values
We’re an optimistic bunch of people from versatile backgrounds, and we like to think of our work community as a tribe. True to our values, we keep a curious mind and approach work with a founder’s heart, while continuously guided by our tribal spirit. These values support us in our daily efforts and towards our future goals. We dare to dream big and make it happen! Our goal is to be the most loved B2B event marketing solution in Europe.

MAD-CROC has always been a strong and representative brand and more than ever will remain so in the future. A brand which appears anything but ordinary and has always had a hint of wildness to it. The redesigned logo has in a new look, more ragged than the rather clean version before. The time has come for MAD-CROC to become more aggressive and crazy.
Crocodiles are an ancient lineage and they survived great extinction events for more than 200 million years old.
As in nature, only the strong will survive and this step will take MAD-CROC as a brand to a whole new level.


Boat Service on venehuollon ammattilainen. Hyvin huollettu vene pidentää sen ikää ja säilyttää arvonsa paremmin.